U-Padel Club

The mission of U-Padel Club® is to take you through time and make you part of the movement that started our sport in 1969.

U- Padel is focused on developing clubs and products that fuse the golden age with the needs of modern and contemporary athletes.


The brand arises as inspiration for the award given in sports competitions.  At the same time, the brand commemorates Don Enrique Corcuera, creator of Padel and his family, who gave the world this great sport.

It emphasizes an image with class and style that characterizes the origins of this sport..

Copa Padel

Padel History

The history of Padel began in the 60s, in the iconic bay of Acapulco.  Thanks to the vision of businessman Don Enrique Corcuera, who, from the union of sports practiced in his house in ‘Las Brisas’, creates this sport that becomes a worldwide sensation.  

See how to play Padel here.

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