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  • Unique work methodology padel lessons.
  • Creation of training programs.
  • Creation of padel academy for pro plavers.
  • Organization of padel matches and tournaments.

For professional players
It drives talents to dedicate themselves professionally to padel.


For monitors and padel players
It is the training program for monitors and players who want to improve their skills as trainers, or who want to make the leap to player coaching.


Padel schools for all IOS levels and adapted to your needs

Think Like a Pro
Play like a Pro

U-Padel believes that padel is a team sport and must be played as a group. These principles, together with a human-centred and holistic approach to high-performance sport, focussed on the complete development of the player and the person, are the origin of the U-Padel Method.

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Padel Lesson Schedules Opening soon

PAdel LESSONS Methodology

The U-Padel methodology is designed to achieve the best possible performance of our players from a perspective of overall, sporting and personal growth. To achieve this, we promote all-encompassing themes such as solidarity, equality, humility, health and even peace. Competition as the goal is a standout objective, but always as part of the training process.

For this reason, training using the U-Padel methodology is a living thing that cannot be broken down into parts, but we can divide it into training areas to facilitate understanding and meet the high-performance objectives sought by padel players.  U-Padel is the best padel club in Woodlands and coming soon the first padel club in San Antonio.

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